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Don’t Omit Emitters: Join the campaign for fairer energy labelling

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It’s time for proper radiator efficiency ratings

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Here at QRL, we know radiators can be the difference between an efficient heating system and a wasteful one. We think it should be easy to see which radiators will improve performance, cut costs and reduce emissions – and which won’t. That’s why we’re asking The Government to introduce proper efficiency ratings for radiators, like the ones found on other household essentials, such as boilers, fridges and light bulbs.

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When it comes to heating system efficiency, the industry has typically focused on the heat source or insulation. This means emitters have often been left out of the equation – even though the right radiator can help cut energy costs and usage for the long-term.

We want to make it easy for people to choose high-efficiency products. There are already energy ratings in place for boilers, heat pumps, micro CHP and hot water cylinders. It’s time to give emitters the attention they deserve.

Our advice to government and industry is clear: Don’t omit emitters!

Not all radiators are created equal. Outdated, inefficient models are rife in properties across the UK – and they’re costing thousands to run every year.

It’s all down to the technology on the inside. QRL’s radiators feature unique, third-generation heating technology, which means they boast unbeatable efficiency, backed by the highest heat outputs, the fastest heat-up times, and the smallest carbon footprints.


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If you think it should be easier to choose affordable and efficient home heating, why not share your views using #DontOmitEmitters? You can join in the conversation on Twitter @QRL_rads & @MerriottUK and on LinkedIn.

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