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Factory Tour

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Here at QRL Radiator Group, we’re proud to make the best-performing radiators in the market. These are produced at our factory in Newport, Wales, which is the most advanced facility of its kind in Europe. Our unique technology sets the industry standard for engineering, quality and innovation. But for us, it doesn’t stop there: we’re committed to pushing the boundaries of heating performance and continuing to invest in the very best products, processes and people. The QRL portfolio includes hi-lo, Barlo and Warmastyle panel radiators, as well as the Design by QRL ranges.

Our commercial division, Merriott, is the better choice for bespoke heating solutions for commercial applications across the UK and Ireland for bespoke heating solutions. Merriott prides itself on offering absolute flexibility of specification, with a portfolio of premium quality radiators and radiant panels which are custom-made to fit the exact requirements of individual projects.



QCan I swap just one radiator on my system or would I need to change them all?

On an existing system you can replace all the radiators or just the ones you want.

QCan your radiators be used with a combination boiler?

Yes, any kind of central heating boiler can be used with our radiators.

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