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Low Surface Temperature

Our Low Surface Temperature (LST) radiator casing fits seamlessly over radiators, making them safe to touch while still allowing heat to circulate effectively around the room. Fully compliant with NHS Safe Surface Temperature Regulations, the LST is ideal for use in a range of buildings frequented by children, elderly people and vulnerable adults – from ordinary homes right through to hospitals and other healthcare facilities.


Gone are the days when radiators were purely functional products: thanks to our Feature range, they can now be beautiful too. Designed to make a style statement in any home, our Feature radiators are available in a vast selection of colours and finishes to suit a range of décors and tastes. Better still, their high-quality build and impressive outputs mean you don’t have to choose fashion over function.

Premium Panel

The top-quality Premium Panel range is designed to bridge the gap between panel and design radiators. Perfect for customers who want the best of both worlds, our smooth and sleek Premium Panel radiators are as big on style as they are on performance.

Towel Warmers

Ideal for bathrooms of all shapes and sizes, our stylish towel radiators are designed to complement both modern and traditional interiors. Offering a high-end look without the designer price tag, this high-performance range is a top choice for keeping your towels – and your whole room – warm.

Electric Towel Warmers

Both powerful and compact, our stainless steel electric towel offering does a great job of keeping your towels dry and toasty all year round.

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