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Quality and sustainability are two of our biggest priorities here at QRL, and we’re committed to making sure they’re integral to everything we do.

We’ve made it our mission to keep our environmental impact to a minimum – while still making sure that the standard and performance of our products is second to none. Read on to find out how we’re putting this into practice.


Modern Manufacturing

We’ve invested £150 million into making our manufacturing facility the most technologically advanced in Europe for our QRL and Merriott ranges.

Complete with more than a mile of cutting-edge robotic production lines designed to create as little waste as possible, it can assemble one of our next-generation panel radiators in just 30 minutes.

That means we can manufacture as many as four million per year – with each one undergoing rigorous quality control tests before it leaves the building.

Thanks to our automated on-site warehousing system, there are no additional emissions generated from moving products to and from other locations – keeping damage, and therefore waste, to a minimum.

What’s more, we recycle 100% of the minimal waste that we do generate.


Keeping it Local

Another reason we’re proud of our factory is that it’s based right here in the UK – at QRL’s headquarters in Newport, Wales, to be precise.

Not only are we the only major manufacturer to produce all of our radiators in the UK, but we also use top-quality British steel sourced from just 37 miles down the road.

In short, this helps us keep our transport emissions low and the standard of our products exceptionally high.


Sustainable by Design

At QRL, our quest to find more sustainable ways of working never stops, and we encourage our employees and customers to share our vision.

This means working hard to promote environmental responsibility across all areas of our business – from staff training right through to external communications.

On the manufacturing side, we regularly review our processes and actively look for innovative new ways of reducing our environmental impact.

Our factory was specifically designed with high efficiency and low emissions in mind, and it’s no coincidence that our 3rd generation panel radiators are the most efficient on the market either.

Using less water while offering more heat per kilo of steel, they offer unbeatable performance and the lowest environmental impact of any radiator available today – keeping you warm and cutting your carbon footprint in the process.

Continued Innovation

As a leading radiator manufacturer, we care about the heating industry and its effect on the planet.

That’s why we’ve made it our business to work closely with other industry stakeholders, legislators and regulators at a local, national and international level – helping to put in place effective laws and standards to protect the environment.

We’re doing our bit internally, too. For example, we are committed to recycling and using environmentally friendly production techniques, and have even implemented a company-wide energy management system as a direct response to climate control legislation.

As members of VALPAK (a registered packaging waste compliance scheme), QRL packaging is made using as few materials as possible. We also use recycled materials in the making of our products wherever we can.



Last but not least, we’re proud to say that putting quality and sustainability at the top of our agenda has helped earn us an important seal of approval from a range of respected industry accreditors.

Not only have we been awarded a Five Star Environmental Award by the British Safety Council, but we’re certified under the BRE Environmental & Sustainability Standard for the Responsible Sourcing of Construction Products.

What’s more, we were the first UK radiator manufacturer to achieve BS EN ISO 9001 accreditation (a nationally recognised quality management standard).

But that’s not all: we’re also actively working towards reducing our carbon footprint even further, in line with official British Standard environmental management criteria.


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