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3rd Generation Technology

3rd Generation Radiators

Here at QRL, we are proud to say that we manufacture the most efficient panel radiators available today.

By efficient we mean two things:
1. The highest heat output (per square metre) on the market
2. Bigger energy savings – and lower operating costs for our customers

And it’s all thanks to our unique 3rd-generation technology, developed by QRL experts to push the boundaries of heating performance.

Why QRL?
The QRL range takes the best that modern radiator technology has to offer, and uses it to keep your home warm. Not only that, it does it better than any other radiator – with high efficiency, output and performance, and low water content, costs and carbon footprint. Find out more below…

Panel radiators are typically categorised by ‘generations,’ with first- and second-generation models the most common. However, here at QRL, our expert engineering team has taken this one step further, developing third-generation radiator technology. In technical terms, this means convection fins and more water channels. The result? Better performance, better efficiency and more money in your pocket.

Third Generation

With QRL technology, your radiator doesn’t have to work as hard, and doesn’t take as long to heat up. Ultimately, your home gets warmer, faster – and your heating system uses less energy.


Thanks to their unique design, QRL radiators give out up to 12% more heat than competitor radiators of the same size. This means you can opt for a smaller radiator to do the same job – and save some money in the process.

What’s more, whether you choose to downsize – or you’re replacing like-for-like – with less water and faster heat-up, QRL radiators save energy and cost less to run. That means you benefit from lower bills, backed by heating performance that you can trust.


As the most efficient radiators on the market, QRL radiators have a better heat output – even at lower water temperatures. This makes them the ideal match for lower temperature, sustainable heating systems, such as renewables.

In fact, with better efficiency, less water and more heat per kilo of steel, QRL radiators have the lowest environmental impact of any radiator available today – keeping you warm and cutting your carbon footprint all at the same time.


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